Printed wallpaper…choose your own design

Wallpaper can change the look of a room from something boring into something amazing! We can print anything to add to your walls, so if you have that inspiration and need a dynamic and innovative printer to put the idea into practice, Prestige Print (UK) Ltd may just be for you.

We received a phone call one day from a little boy’s Mum who was desperate to get her son’s dream come true. He just wanted to be able to see the stars every day, every night and fall asleep dreaming of becoming an astronaut! Easy I hear you say…well it is! We picked up the little boy favourite colour and printed is very own wallpaper. What a change in his room! The smile on his face was absolutely amazing when he saw his new bedroom. His own stars!

This event is anecdotal but it was HUGE for this little boy. This was a starting point for us too as…personalised wallpaper is not only the dream of each child but also a way to turn your interiors and office spaces into a very special place. Enhance your brand, give your space this unique touch that will stick in your clients / customers mind, create the WOW factor. Since we started producing personalised wallpaper the demand has moved towards office interiors refurbishment and we are more and more helping a customers to create their own bespoke business environment. Our team of fitters are out every week and weekends to work on offices and catering sites refits. How do you want your interior to look like?

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