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The Prestige Press story started over 40 years ago in 1979 when Ken and Pauline started the business. They both believed they could run a printers that was just a bit different to the rest, supplying customers with a far better service than was commonly available. In the last 40 years the way we produce work has changed almost beyond recognition but our core values have remained the same. We are proud to say some of our clients have been with us since we started and most of our work comes from recommendation. We think our eye for detail and a passion in what we do still makes us stand out from the crowd today as much as it did 40 years ago.

Not too big and not too small, Prestige Press has a small highly trained team. We know that the printing trade is constantly evolving and the only way to keep up is to evolve as well. We not only invest in new machinery, we invest in our staff to make sure they are properly trained in all aspects of the industry. You can feel confident that whoever you speak to will have the skills to be able to deal with any request.

Now that Ken and Pauline have retired, the business is run by Stuart and Raphaëlle. The commitment to a service that cannot be bettered is still the same and will never change. What started off as money saving techniques has turned us into a much more environmentally friendly operation and is something that we are very proud of. Every box that leaves the factory has the Prestige Press name on it. It’s a name we have all spent 40 years building and feel represents us and what we stand for.

  • Stuart
    Stuart Managing Director

    Managing Director, Stuart is passionate about the company and the work. Always an eye out for new challenges, Stuart understands his customers and always listen to new ideas. He is the face of the company, very knowledgeable and keen to diversify. In the last two decades, he has consistently improved ways of workings using new technology, innovation and greener policies. Nothing is impossible!

  • Raphaëlle
    Raphaëlle Director

    Director, Raphaëlle looks after processes and ways of working and keeps us on our toes! She also makes sure that the accounts are always up-to-date. The voice of the business, she is often the one answering the phone and directing you to one of our team members. Raphaëlle brought to the company a fresh perspective and a robust background of programme and business management.

  • Huxley
    Huxley The Office Dog

    The office dog! Fun trouble maker…always an eye on what is happening!

  • Gary
    Gary Chief Designer

    Chief designer, Gary is our creative design head. Fun, clever, always full of new ideas. Gary will work tirelessly to get your ideas into a design that will match your requirements. Whether you come with your own design or with just a concept, Gary comes up with a solution to everything! Gary also supervises the work of our freelance designers and ensure the quality of the work delivered will not disappoint you.

  • Daz
    Daz Head of Installation

    Head of installation, you won’t see Daz in the office very often! He is always on the move between sites! Daz is supervising installation works with our sub-contractors. He is thorough and thrives to achieve the best results. Organised, planning site works ahead so there are no surprises for you.

  • Colin
    Colin Product Finisher

    Print finisher and despatch manager, Colin has been working for us since the beginning. Enormously knowledgeable and precise in his work. Colin ensure that each product is finished to the highest quality standards and reach our customers on time.

  • Adi
    Adi Wide Format Expert

    Wide format expert, Adi looks after the production part of the business. He is a master in the art of getting the best work out of our equipment. Adi understands how to make the most efficient use of each machine and deliver the best finish product. Adi is meticulous and always comes with suggestions throughout the production process to improve our ways of working.

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Sustainable business practices, responsible procurement, recycling and carbon offsetting are all factors consumers and business customers alike are taking into consideration when choosing their suppliers. Our latest digital presses were purchased not only for their quality and competitiveness but for their eco-friendly technology…find our more about why we love green.

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